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Stakeholder Map
Our work is seeking to explore long term issues facing the Parrett Catchment with a range of policy stakeholders. A visual depiction of the types of stakeholders who we wish to inform our work is depicted below. It includes “strategy and delivery" groups such as the:
   Environment Leaders Group,  which was recently formed under the auspices of the County Council for supporting the Somerset Strategic Partnership’s (SSP) efforts to embed the environment in the next iteration of the Somerset Local Area Agreement .  
    Water Management Partnership (WMP) which is providing an opportunity for stakeholders to meet together to consider water matters of significance affecting, or with the potential to affect the communities, landscape, economy and ecology in the catchment areas of the Parrett, Brue and Axe and their tributaries.  
We have presented to both these groups and have sought their endorsement in our work. We have also consulted with the wider community in the Catchment, holding discussions events about the future of the area in Wellington and Langport. Many of the issues reflected in the scenarios were designed to reflect the views and aspirations of the general public.
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